Littlehampton Tree lost after storm.

Editor  |  28/04/2016

A tree planted on 6th May 1935 to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of King George V has been cut down by Arun District Council’s tree surgeons.

The Silver Cedar suffered storm damage in the recent Storm Katie where it lost one of its major limbs. Following an inspection, it was found the tree was in a potentially dangerous condition and it had to be felled.

‘It’s the harsh winds that does the damage,’ the tree surgeon said to me when I asked why it was it was necessary. ‘Strong prevailing winds over many years have unfortunately taken it’s toll,’ he said.

Arun District Council have planted a replacement Silver Cedar beside where the original one stood.

Littlehampton St Catherine's Park

















Silver Cedar following storm damage during Storm Katie.


















Silver Cedar now felled.


















Original commemorative plaque, reads:

“This Silver Cedar Tree was planted on the 6th May 1935 by the Chairman of the Littlehampton Urban District Council Lt Col C.C.R Murphy in commemoration of the Silver Jubilee of King George V”