Littlehampton’s Beaches

Littlehampton’s Beaches

Visiting Littlehampton and want to know about Littlehampton’s Beaches?

Littlehampton is divided by the River Arun which flows from the seafront, splitting the town in two and it meanders it way up to Arundel, Amberley and beyond.

Littlehampton boasts 2 sandy beaches

We have not one beach, but two superb beaches here in the town and we’re one of the very few South Coast seaside resorts to have sandy beaches. Great for beach games, sunbathing and fantastic family day’s out.

We’re lucky here to have not one sandy beach, but two. Both offering visitors a different experience.

Littlehampton seafront

Entrance to Littlehampton harbour. River Arun divides Littlehampton’s two sandy beach areas to a West and East Beach area.

From April to September, a ferry operates between Littlehampton’s East and West beach areas.

The ferry picks up and drops off from Pier Road, Littlehampton on the East side (town side) and at the Littlehampton yacht club on the West Beach side. The yacht club is only a few minutes walk from Littlehampton’s wonderful sandy West Beach area which is also a nature reserve.

Littlehampton ferry

Ferry pick-up point in Pier road is located on the new walkway just opposite Coastal Cycles.

Drop off/Pick up point for the West Beach area is located in Littlehampton Yacht Club, only a few yards away from Littlehampton’s beautiful West beach area.

The ferry operators also offer boat trips and harbour tours, which can be pre-booked by contacting Fiona Boyce on 07971843636 or booking directly with the skipper of the ferry at the drop off/collection point.

A huge benefit in using the ferry is you don’t have to take the long drive around to the West Beach where parking is both limited and can be prohibitively expensive. Children love the ferry and it’s a great way to enjoy a short, affordable boat ride and get to see Littlehampton harbour from the water.

All the latest ferry information is available on the Littlehampton Ferry website.


East Beach

Undoubtedly one of the South Coast’s most visited beaches, the East Beach area welcomes thousands of visitors each year who enjoy swimming in its blue flag awarded waters. Safe bathing is a key feature in attracting visitors, especially families travelling with young children. The beach is well protected with RNLI lifeguards offering a great, friendly and vigilant service.

Littlehampton Seafront

Littlehampton seafront featuring the splendid new promenade and seating area.

Cycling is now allowed on the seafront promenade and this opened up a great safe off-road cycling route for all ages.

The East Beach offers those wanting to enjoy a day out a traditional seaside amusement park – Harbour Park or those wishing to simply sit and enjoy the beach and listen to the relaxing sound of the sea washing over the sand, which is the area below and beyond the East Beach Cafe.

Littlehampton West Beach

For those looking for a quieter experience, the West Beach area is a wonderful expanse of beach. A favourite with walkers and those looking to sit and enjoy sea views, swim, surf or just relax and read. The beach area is a dedicated area of scientific interest and home to a variety of creatures including birds and rare lizards who live in the sand dunes. Their habits are protected areas, fenced off for conservation purposes but this does not detract from the enjoyment the beach area offers. In fact, it enhances it offering a wonderful area of discovery for children and adults alike.

West beach also offers visitors an opportunity to dine in out with the West Beach Cafe, a sister cafe of the famous Each Beach Cafe.

Littlehampton’s Iconic seafront structures.

Littlehampton seafront boasts a number of high profile seafront structures, which include:

  • East Beach Cafe
  • World’s Longest Bench
  • Award winning Band Stand

East Beach Cafe

Over the past decade, the seafront has welcomed a number of new and dramatic seafront structures, the most famous being – The East Beach Cafe. Commissioned by entrepreneur Jane Wood and her daughter Sophie, designed by world-famous architect, Thomas Heatherwick and built by Littlehampton Welding, this wonderful and exciting structure has done much to attract waves of new visitors to the seafront.

Studio Weave's Littlehampton's Longest bench/seafront shelter

Studio Weave’s Littlehampton’s Longest bench/seafront shelter

Since opening, the East Beach Cafe has gained an enviable reputation for its high quality food and hosting a variety of fine dining events. Overlooking the East Beach, diners can enjoy splendid views of the English channel. Experience amazing sunsets while enjoying fresh cooked, locally sourced high quality food including a range of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes.

East Beach Cafe

World’s Longest Bench

Littlehampton is home to the UK’s longest bench. Created by Studio Weave – A wonderful waltzing bench structure that runs the length of Littlehampton’s impressive seafront promenade. Funding for the project came from a variety of sources including a very generous donation from Gordon Roddick, husband of the late Anita Roddick, founder of Body Shop. With locals and visitors being invited to ‘sponsor a slat’ on the bench with each slat being individually engraved with the sponsor’s message. All aspects of life are represented on the bench from marriage proposals to dedications for loved ones who have since passed on but remain our thoughts. If you’ve lost faith in humanity,the longest bench is a good place to have it restored.