Littlehampton Seafront to get free Wifi

Editor  |  21/02/2018

Littlehampton seafront to get free Wifi.

Littlehampton Town Council have announced as part of their 2018/19 Budget plans,  that monies have been allocated to funding the setting of free Wifi for Littlehampton seafront.

No date has yet been set for its implentation, but it’s hoped to be available for this summer.

And a new Skate Park for the seafront.

Funding has also been allocated to invest in a new skate park for Littlehampton in a partnership arrangement with Arun District Council. Arun District Council are currently building a new seafront leisure centre and swimming pool on the seafront which is hoped will be open in time for Easter 2019.

Littlehampton Town Council Expenditure 2018/19

The total budgeted Revenue Expenditure for the 2018/19 period is set at   £1,411,508

Total Budgeted Income        £118,441

Net Budgeted Revenue Expenditure  £1,293,067