Free Car parking in Littlehampton

Editor  |  09/04/2016

Looking for free Car parking in Littlehampton?

Littehampton is a great place to visit either for a day, short break or longer. However, Arun District Council the local authority who runs Littlehampton’s car parks, raise their car parking fees during the summer months.

Arun District Council have 10 pay and display car parks in the Littlehampton area.

However, not all of these car parks charge the same fees. And, a number of these car parks offer free parking for up 2-hours. Ideal if you’re visiting to do some shopping, or just looking for a quick visit.

Free Car Parking in Littlehampton Car Parks

The following Littlehampton Car Parks offer free parking;

1. St Martin’s Car Park

St Martin’s Car Park is conveniently located in Littlehampton Town Centre.

This car park (see the exact location by following above link) is located just behind Sainsbury’s Supermarket and boasts public toilet facilities. This is the only Littlehampton town centre car park to have toilets.

This Car parks offer up to 2 hours free parking, but you MUST display a current Littlehampton Parking Disk. These disks are available free of charge from most Littlehampton shops and council offices.

Remember, to avail of the free parking, you must display your disk. You cannot use a parking disk from a neighbouring town, eg, Rustington even though the disk is issued by Arun District Council.

Car Park Charges for St Martin’s Car Park, Littlehampton.

  • £0.70 – Up to 1 hour
  • £1.40 – Up to 2 hours
  • £2.10 – Up to 3 hours
  • £2.80 – Up to 4 hours
  • £6.50 – Over 4 hours

2. Anchor Springs Car Park, Littlehampton

Anchor Springs Car Park is a relatively small car park located just off Anchor Springs – it sits directly behind the town centre’s main pedestrian shopping area.

This car park offers up to 2-hours free car parking, but again, you must display a current Littlehampton parking disk.

Car Park Charges for Anchor Springs Car Park.

  • £0.70 – Up to 1 hour
  • £1.40 – Up to 2 hours
  • £2.10 – Up to 3 hours
  • £2.80 – Up to 4 hours
  • £6.50 – Over 4 hours

3. Manor House Car Park, Littlehampton

Manor House Car park is located just beside Littlehampton Town Council’s offices and offers convenient parking for Littlehampton town centre.

You can park for up to 2 hours free in this car park using a Littlehampton Car Park Disk.

Disks are available from a number of  High street shops and council offices.

This car park is ideal if you’re visiting for a wedding or civil function at the  Millennium Chamber where many of the town and areas civic functions, weddings and civil partnerships take place.

Car park charges for Manor House Car Park

  • £0.70 – Up to 1 hour
  • £1.40 – Up to 2 hours
  • £2.10 – Up to 3 hours
  • £2.80 – Up to 4 hours
  • £6.50 – Over 4 hours

Pier Road and Arun Parade

There are free parking pays provided by Arun District Council in Pier Road at the North End and at Arun Parade just alongside the river arun.

Free parking is limited to a maximum of 1-2 hours depending on which bay you park in. Make sure you check the signage to see how long you can park free and beware that the council have a very active parking enforcement contractors who are not known for their benevolence.

Littlehampton Seafront Parking

As you can see, car parking charges in the above 3 car parks is free for up to 2hours, but what if you want longer?

Well, here I’d advise avoiding using Arun District Council’s Littlehampton seafront car parks (both East and West beach areas) as you’ll pay the following charges to park in the seafront car parks.

East Green Car Park

East Green Car park is located directly on Littlehampton’s East beach seafront. This is the main and most popular car park and during the high summer season it can be difficult to get a space here, particularly at weekends, bank holidays and during school holidays.

As you can see up to 2 hours here will cost you £2 and over 2 hours a whopping great £6.

  • 08.00 – 20.00, 7 days a week
  • £1.50 – Up to 1 hour
  • £3.00 – Up to 2 hours
  • £6.00 – Over 2 hours
  • (summer season prices – 1st March – 31st October)

West Green Car Park

West Green Car Park is located on Littlehampton’s West Beach area. The town is divided by the River Arun which flows in from the sea. From April to September, a ferry now operates between the two sides and offers a great way to visit the West Beach without having to drive around.

Car Park Charges in the West Green Car Park are:

  • 08.00 – 18.00, 7 days a week
  • £1.50 – Up to 1 hour
  • £3.00 – Up to 3 hours
  • £6.00 – Over 3 hours

As you can see, these are marginally lower than those charged on the East Beach area, but during busy seasonal periods, Littlehampton’s West Beach area are over-subscribed. So it’s well worth parking elsewhere and either walking around or, as I’d recommend taking the ferry.

Littlehampton Free Parking

If you want to avoid car park charges completely, and you’re intending to stay longer than 2-hours, then you’re best avoiding the car parks altogether.

At the moment, Littlehampton does not have any resident only parking and many of the roads in and around the seafront area offer free parking. Obviously during peak seasonal periods, spaces become difficult to find, but they are there and you can save yourself a considerable amount of car parking charges by scouting around.

Always check for Parking Signs

Wherever you park, make sure you check for any parking signs and beware that all of the free parking area bays will have time restrictions on them. Varying from 1-2 hours.

Enjoy your visit to Littlehampton.